Everything Textable can do for you, at a glance

Basic text analysis
  • use regular expressions to segment letters, words, sentences, etc. or full-text query
  • use regexes to extract annotations from many input formats
  • import in-line XML markup (e.g. TEI)
  • include/exclude segments based on user-defined lists (stoplists)
  • filter segments based on frequency
  • easily generate random text samples
Advanced text analysis
  • concordances and collocations, also based on annotations
  • segment distribution, document-term matrix, transition matrix, etc.
  • co-occurrence tables, also between different types of segments
  • lemmatization and POS-tagging via Treetagger
  • robust linguistic complexity measures, incl. mean length of word, lexical diversity, etc.
  • many advanced data mining algorithms: clustering, classification, factor analyses, etc.
Text recoding
  • Unicode-aware preprocessing functions, e.g. remove accents from Ancient Greek text
  • recode and restructure texts using regexes, e.g. rewrite CSV as XML
  • handles hundreds of text files
  • use Python script for custom text processing or to access external tools: NLTK, Pattern, GenSim, etc.
  • import text from keyboard, files, or URLs
  • process any kind of raw text format: TXT, HTML, XML, CSV, etc.
  • supports many text encodings, incl. Unicode
  • export results in text files or copy–paste
  • easy interfacing with Orange's Text Mining add-on
Ease of access
  • user-friendly visual interface
  • ready-made recipes for a range of frequent use cases
  • extensive documentation
  • support and community forums