Textable 3.0 beta has been released


The beta version of Textable 3 has just been released and can be installed or upgraded in the usual way. What this means is that Textable users can finally take advantage of the latest version of Orange Canvas (namely 3.x) and its future updates!

New features

Among other advantages, Orange 3 deals seamlessly with unicode data (both in widget settings and in table displays). It also enables you to copy and paste groups of widgets, and easily reinitialize their settings. And of course it includes a number of additional widgets for your data mining workflows.


Please note that this is a major upgrade, so it is unlikely that existing Orange-Textable 2 workflows can be imported “as is” in Orange-Textable 3. Therefore it is useful to keep a version of Orange-Textable 2 on your system so you can use it as a reference and easily fill in the gaps when you first re-open a workflow in Orange-Textable 3.

All the workflows available for download on this website (recipes and case studies) have already been updated for compatibility with Textable 3.


Make sure to ask any questions you might have and let us know about bugs if you encounter any (at https://textable.freshdesk.com/ or by e-mail to support@textable.io). We’re in the process of updating the  documentation, which is hosted at http://orange3-textable.readthedocs.io/, and many useful information can already be found there.

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